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App Architect

DSC_0765.JPGCurrently serving his national service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Hashir Zahir (Class of 2015) embodies the qualities of a creative problem solver. As a firefighter in Yishun fire station, Hashir observed that SCDF firebikers play a critical role in reaching the emergency incident to render medical assistance prior to the arrival of the ambulance. As SCDF firebikes are not equipped with a Mobile Device Terminal, their response times are dependent on the SCDF officer’s knowledge of the roads. Hashir wrestled with the idea on how to improve their response time. His Aha! Moment came when he figured that an app – which provides directions to the incident site in a single touch - was the answer!

Leveraging on his foundation in Java knowledge gained in Year 4 while in NUS High and using his off-duty days to read up on his own, Hashir put together the ‘Turnout Assistant’ app in two weeks! Although the first attempt knocked him off-kilter, he persevered and went right back to the drawing board. After a few weeks of fine-tuning and minor adjustments, Hashir is happy to note that the current iteration is more stable and contains more features. He credits his time spent working on research projects at NUS High for giving him the confidence to take on and overcome challenges.  

Hashir is currently tinkering with more ideas and working on projects with SCDF to use technology to serve the public more effectively.