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A Place of Wonderment for Science Lovers

Going to north-eastern Siberia, an area well-known for its oppressive harsh winters sounds like an adventure trip for intrepid travellers. Rather than to scale its mountains, for the team of 7 students and 2 teachers from NUS High their maiden trip to the Republic of Sakha, Russia was to participate in the Tuymaada Olympiad.

An annual competition for students under the age of 18, participants compete individually in four independent sections: computer science, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Competing for the first time, our students brought in a medal tally of 5 Bronzes, 1 Silver and 1 Gold.

“The Olympiad has been an enriching experience for me. The intense rigour of the competition has furthered my interest in chemistry. Understanding the culture of Sakha from the locals, and learning about their heritage and way of life was the icing on the cake.”
Tan Yong Yi (Year 4 Competitor)

While the picturesque mountainous ranges undeniable stoked awe in our staff and students, what left them spellbound was a trip to the Mammoth Museum.  The museum features a comprehensive archive of the physiology and evolution of mammoths and other prehistoric animals. They capped this unique experience off with a visit to Kingdom Permafrost where they witnessed specimens frozen in ice as well as permafrost samples.


We would like to congratulate the team:

Chemistry Section
1. Ku Brian (Year 5) - Bronze (Senior League)
2. Tan Yong Yi (Year 4) - Bronze (Junior League)

Informatics Section
1. Jeffrey Lee Chun Hean (Year 4) - Bronze (Junior League)

Mathematics Section
1. Matthew Fan Xin Yu (Year 6) - Gold (Senior League)
2. Li Yuelin (Year 4) - Bronze (Junior League)

Physics Section
1. Joshua Teo Wei Hern (Year 5) - Bronze (Senior League)
2. Chia Jin Quan Matthew (Year 4) - Silver (Junior League)