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2016 Achievements (Details)

Academic Achievements

International and Regional

A Breakthrough in the China Girls' Mathematical Olympiad
Sterling Performance at Inaugural International Medicine Olympiad
Best Performance so far at the 48th International Chemistry Olympiad
A Good Fight at the 47th International Physics Olympiad
NUS High Students Perform Brilliantly at the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad 
Singapore Team Remain Champions in the 29th International Young Physicists' Tournament  
NUS High Students Do Well at the 17th Asia Physics Olympiad
Making An Impression at the 28th Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad
Best performance so far at the Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad
International Olympiad in Informatics - Top 2 Scorers in the Singapore Team
Our students show their prowess at the China Mathematical Olympiad
Top Awards Clinched at the ASEAN Student Science Project Competition
2 Golds at the China Western Mathematical Invitational
A Breakthrough at the Australian Informatics Olympiad
A Commendable Performance at the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics
Global Finalists at Google Science Fair 2016 Global Finalists at Google Science Fair 2016


Champions at the NUS-ISE National Business Analytics Case Competition
A Strong Showing at Singapore Rubik's Cube Competition
A Fantastic Showing at the 4th Singapore Astronomy Olympiad
Best Performance so far in the 19th National Olympiad in Informatics
Our Students Shine at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
A Great Victory at the Singapore Mathematics Project Festival
A Show of Prowess tackling Real World Problems at NUS Innoventure
Best Poster Award at International Researchers Club Conference
Astounding Victory at the Straits Time – MOE Big Quiz
NUS High once again emerges as a Band 1 School in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad
Our Students Excel that Tamil Poetry Writing Competition
Making Waves at the Japanese Speech Contest
Student’s Work Selected for SYF 2016 Art Exhibition
Clinching a gold medal at the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition
Champions at the NTU Current Affairs Society Challenge
Makingan Impression as Young Poets
A Good Showing at the A*STAR Talent Search
Clinching Top Awards at the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
NUS High Students shine at the Singapore PhysicsOlympiad
Making Science Alive at the Amazing ScienceChallenge
Budding young researchers shine at the YouthScience Conference
Young NUS High Students show their Mettle at[i.code]
A Notable Performance at the SingaporeMathematical Olympiad