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Best Team (Government) at Moot Parliament 2015

The Moot Parliament Programme (MPP) is organized by the Gifted Education Branch of the Ministry of Education this year. It is open to the Secondary 3 and 4 students from the seven integrated programme schools with School-based Gifted Education.

The MPP is an 8-month long programme where our students participated in range of activities including writing a proposal to amend a piece of legislation, a bill, a policy paper and also attend other workshops. The programme culminates in the debates of the selected bills in the Parliament House.

In order to participate in the programme, students need to get their proposal on bill amendment approved by a panel of judges, comprising lawyers and staff from MOE.

The following students’ bill on Equal Benefits for Single Mothers were among the three bills selected by the judges for debate in the Parliament House. They represented the government team and won the debate against RGS (Opposition team). In addition, they outshone other government teams to clinch the award for Best Team (Government).

They are (Year 3 students):
    1. Natalie Devan
    2. Tania Udella Djongianto
    3. Yu Borong
    4. Ryan Chiong Ee Tak