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An Excellent Performance at the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2015

The Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) is an annual competition organized by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. It is supported by the Ministry of Education.  This year, the competition is also sponsored by A*Star Graduate Academy and the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

This year is the 6th time SJChO is organised. About 2000 students from 67 secondary schools took part in the competition. NUS High School has done very well, remaining as the Band 1 School for 6 consecutive years. Our students have also brought home 23 golds, 14 silvers and 11 bronzes, as well as a few top awards. Below are the award winners:

Top (Overall) Positions 
1st: Lam Tze King (Year 4)
2nd: Marvin Dragon Choo (Year 3)
7th: John Zhou Erli (Year 4)
8th: Wa Thone (Year 4)
9th: Chan Gerald (Year 4)
10th: Han Shangru, Stanley (Year 3)

tze king sjcho.jpg

Lam Tze King receiving the Overall Top Position Award


Marvin Dragon Choo receiving the Overall 2nd Position Award

Top Positions in Theory Award 
5th: Lam Tze King (Year 4)
6th: John Zhou Erli (Year 4)  
7th: Fang Wenfei (Year 4)  

Top Team (Practical) Award 
1st Position:
Marvin Dragon Choo (Year 3)
Han Shangru, Stanley (Year 3)
Li Kang Chen (Year 3)  

1st Runners-up 
Lam Tze King (Year 4)
Wa Thone (Year 4)
Chan Gerald (Year 4) 

Gold Medalists   
Year 4:  
1. Aditi Saayujya
2. Choo Yi Kai
3. Huang Feiyang
4. Jiang Jiahui
5. Keith Loi Jun Xian
6. Li Zhuoan, Joan
7. Loo Yang-Yu Eugene
8. Matthias Liau Yi Quan
9. Ng Zi Xuan
10. Qu Mingsi
11. Yoke Kai Xin
12. Zack Soh Ger Yi (Su Zeyu)
13. Zhang Jingwen
14. John Zhou Erli
15. Wa Thone
16. Chan Gerald
17. Fang Wenfei
18. Lam Tze King

Year 3:
1. Fadhil Peer Mohamed
2. Ku Brian
Han Shangru, Stanley   
4. Marvin Dragon Choo
5. Li Kang Chen

Silver Medalists    
Year 4:
1. Belle Sow Miaoer (Belle Su Miaoer)           
2. Bryan Ng Dawei       
3. Felicia Tai Ying Fei   
4. Janarthanan Dharun           
5. Jedidiah Koh Kee Hao         
6. Justin Fidelis Wong Jun Wen          
7. Lee Yu Hao    
8. Loo Wei Juan
9. Tho Jian Xiong          
10. Vernicia Neo Shu Qi   

Year 3:
1. Christen Teo Rui En 
2. Krishnamoorthi Praveen    
3. Lairoongroj Jinnawat           
4. Miao Jiapei

Bronze Medalists    
Year 4:
1. Chen Zeyu     
2. Ernest Teo You Cheng         
3. Lim Yan Ling 
4. Ong Chung Yean      
5. Tee Weile Wayne     
6. Thirrisha Murugan Zhou Jiahao
7. Zhou Jiahao        

Year 3:
1. Li, Po-Hsien   
2. Lian Shao Kang (Liao Shaokang)   
3. Lim Ting Wei
4. Sim Tao Ming