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A Proud Win at the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad 2016

The Singapore Chemistry Olympiad (SChO) is jointly organised by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC), Chemistry Department of National University of Singapore and the Ministry of Education. The competition is open to JC 1 or equivalent students. It consists of a theory test and a practical test, each of approximately 3 hours, taken over two days.         

The general aims of the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad are to:
  • Promote an interest in Chemistry
  • Provide an opportunity for academically inclined Chemistry JC students to pit their knowledge in Chemistry and spar against each other.
  • Identify a pool of students who are talented in the Chemistry discipline for training for eventual selection of a national team to represent Singapore in the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO).
There are two rounds to this competition:
- Theory Round (7 Nov 2015): Over two hundred students participated in the theory round.  
- Practical Round (17 Nov 2015): 53 students are selected for this round.    

Students who do the well in SChO will be invited to phase training and selection test for national team. 

This year, our students have once again done very well. Below are the award winners: 

Gold Medallists:
1. Ng Jian Rong (Huang Jianrong)
2. Nan Zhihan
3. Marcus Sak Hao Yi
4. Glen Goh Wee Zhuan
5. Koh Jin Ming
6. Liu Shiqi
7. Foong Yan Kai, Brandon

Silver Medallists:
1. Huang Weiqi Victor
2. Lu Shengyuan
3. Joy Ang Jing Zhi
4. Sonia E K Arumuganainar
5. Kingston Kuan Jun Xiang
6. Ang Jie Liang
7. Jonathan Edward

Bronze Medallist:
1. Hsiao I Ann