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Berita Harian/Pilot Pen Ashaway Youth Games (Netball)

This netball 4-on-4 Tournament was part of the Berita Harian/ Pilot Pen/ Ashaway Youth Games 2014. The Guest of Honour of this event was Mr Baey Yam Keng, MP for Tampines GRC.

Our results:

‘C’ Division: our 2 teams emerged as 4th and 3rd overall among the 11 participating teams.

Team members:

Toh Ya Wei                                         M14202
Shelby Hickling                                   M14202
Ragavi Vijayakumar                           M14203
Beverley Chan                                    M14204
Arianne Beauregard                            M14206

‘B’ Division: our team emerged as 3rd overall among the 15 teams.

Team members:

Julie Tak                                             M14404
Joy Ang                                              M14404
Sandi Tun                                           M14406
Jacelyn See                                       M14407
Janelle Lee                                         M14407
Isabel Goh                                          M14407

'C' Division
Netball 2.jpg
'B' Division