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NUS High School Wins First Runner-Up in GalACSy 2014

GalACSy 2014 is an inter-school competition organised by ACS (Independent)'s Astronomy Club, inaugurated last year with a very successful event. This competition aims to increase the students' interest and awareness in astronomy, as well as further their understanding of what goes on in the night sky. This competition does not only test knowledge but also personal skills essential in every field of science, such as presentation skills, creativity, and more. Through this competition, participants would gain greater knowledge on astronomy, build friendships with passionate astronomers from other schools around Singapore, and further their interests in Astronomy.

Our results:

Team Astronomy Competition– 1st runner-up


  • Yeo Rui Jovan (M14406)
  • Glen Goh Wee Zhuan (M14402)
  • Tay Chee Hean, Wayne (M14302)
  • Khoo Wui Seng (M14403)


Poetry Competition- Top Five Entries

  • Tyrina Toh Jia-Yan (M14302)