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Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) 2014

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) is an annual competition organised by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science and is supported by the Ministry of Education.  This year, there is also sponsorship of A*Star Graduate Academy and Royal Society of Chemistry to support the event.

SJChO provides a platform for all upper secondary students to challenge themselves in their chemical knowledge and skills. It also seeks to promote the excitement in learning and doing Chemistry as well as to identify and develop chemistry talents.

This year, which is the 5th time SJChO is organised, about 2000 students from 61 secondary schools took part in the competition.  NUS High School has also remained as the Band 1 School for 5 consecutive years. 

The event took place on 18 September 2014.

The bronze medalists are:

Ng Ri Chi

Fang Wenfei

Sahad Zahir

Tham Cheng Yuan

Jonathan Edward

Cheng Yong Xin, Joseph

Joy Ang Jing Zhi

Clarence Chew Xuan Da

Yong Ping

Ashwin Venkatakrishnan

Lee Jia Hern

Koh Jin Ming

Tan Pinxi

Peter Ong

Lim Yan Ling


The silver medalists are:

Glen Goh Wee Zhuan

Lam Tze King

Yeo Rui, Jovan

Wa Thone

Wang Anyu

Goh Yu Geng, Jerald

Darryl Chow

Yu Qiyao

Goh Jia Jun Benjamin

Chang Rong Qin, Bill

Lu Shengyuan

Zack Soh Ger Yi

Tng Jun Wei

Peng Yiyun

Marcus Sak Hao Yi


The gold medalists are:

Toh Zhen Yu, Nicholas

Foong Yan Kai, Brandon

Pang Wan Rion, Marion

Lee Chong Wei, Keene

Sonia E K Arumuganainar

Ng Jian Rong (Huang Jianrong)

Jeremy Tan Jierui

Liu Shiqi

Nan Zhihan

Huang Weiqi Victor


In the Top Individual (Theory) awards:

Marcus Sak Hao Yi


Toh Zhen Yu, Nicholas


Foong Yan Kai, Brandon



In addition, Pang Wan Rion, Marion; Lee Chong Wei, Keene; and Sonia E K Arumuganainaralso emerged as the SECOND runners up in the overall team award for practical round.