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NUS High School Wins Singapore International Mathematics Challenge 2014

SIMC is a biennial international mathematics event that provides opportunities to fuel students’ interest in mathematics and spur them to reach for greater heights. The event aims to bring together bright students from around the world to pit their skills in a rigorous competition where they will demonstrate their creativity and mathematical skills in a mathematical modelling challenge. Students will have the opportunities to interact in social and cultural activities.

SIMC also aims to provide a platform for professional exchange of good practices in Math education across different countries through the Educators’ Programme. It provides opportunities for mathematics educators to engage in professional discourse and develop ties with counterparts from around the world. 

Prof Imre Benett Leader from Trinity College, Cambridge University is the Chief Judge of SIMC. He leads a panel of distinguished judges comprising professionals from various universities, research institutes and scientific organisations.

Our results:

NUS High School is the SIMC 2014 Champion. They also won the Special Award Creativity.

Our Winners:

1.    Surya Mathialagan - M14508

2.    Pek Yu-Xuan Sean - M14504

3.    Way Tan - M14608

4.    Muhammad Irham Rasyidi Bin Zainal - M14608