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GMAC Students Challenge 2014

Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) is a multi-agency national committee whose mission is to impart scientifically-sound information on gene modification or GM technology and genetically modified organisms or GMOs to the public.

The GMAC Students Challenge 2014 – an inter-school poster creation competition – is organized as part of GMAC’s ongoing efforts in educating the public on GM-related issues. Through this competition, GMAC aims to promote active learning and to stimulate students’ interest in the science behind GM technology and GMOs.

This year, the participants are tasked to create infographic based on the theme of “The ABCs of GM”. The finalists were then invited to do a presentation on their poster for final judging.

The event took place on 28 June 2014.

Our winners:

NUS High School won the 5th Prize

  • Marvin Dragon Choo              (M14202)
  • Ayyappan Madhumitha          (M14202)
  • Ku Brian                                  (M14202)
  • Lim Ting Wei                           (M14201)