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National Education Gaming Championship 2013

The National Education Gaming Championship (NEGC) is an inter-school gaming competition organized by Nexus, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and supported by the Ministry of Education to engage youths for the purpose of National Education (NE).

The NEGC is a fun and engaging way for youths to discover what the 3rd Generation SAF is about. It also allows youths, especially the boys, to learn about defence and National Service before enlistment. Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) is the official game used in NEGC. It is a PC-based virtual simulation training software used to train soldiers in the SAF.

Since March, each participating team had committed their time to 2 training sessions and 1 preliminary session before being shortlisted for the finals. Our school sent in 3 teams for the first time this year to compete with 114 other teams from secondary schools/JCs/ITEs/Polytechnics all over Singapore.

One of the teams did well in the preliminary rounds to get into the final 32 placings. They continued strongly to finish in the top 8.

The team members:

Ahmad Syakir Bin Hamdi                 602 (Team leader)
Sia Ji Kui Joshua                               501
Yang Yi                                               601
S Mitra                                                 601
William Jiang                                      603
Tang Yong Jen                                  603
Lee Yi Xuan                                       604
Ang Zhi Yuan                                     606
Erdenechuluun Demchigtseren      607
Chua Jun Hui                                     609

More information could found on this website: http://www.negc.sg/browser.php