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43rd Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Colors Award Presentation

The SSSC Colors Awards are given to sports students in recognition of their representation and achievements at Singapore schools’ sports and games. This event took place on 20th September 2013.

These students, driven by their passion in their respective sports (some of which are not offered as a CCA in the school), are excellent examples of rising above their individual peaks of excellence. Their hard work and perseverance have indeed paid off, resulting in medals finishing in their area of sports and the subsequent recipients of this pinnacle award in the sporting scene.

This is by far the most number of Colors Awards recipients for the school.

Our results:

SSSC Zone Colors Award (Individual)

1)    Lim Dao Han (Basketball)

2)    Nicole Aw Xiao Xuan (Fencing)

3)    Mannfred Tan Ian Hian (Fencing)

4)    Jazlene Ong Jing Wen (Sailing)

5)    Tan Shi Ni (Netball)

6)    Wong Wai Kein (Taekwondo)

SSSC National Colors Award (Individual)

1)    Nicole Aw Xiao Xuan (Fencing)

2)    Tan Shi Ni (Netball)

3)    Jazlene Ong Jing Wen (Sailing)