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National Earthquake Competition 2013

The competition aims to generate students’ interests on the importance of Civil Engineering in designing earthquake-resistant buildings and earthquake disaster mitigation.  It involves student teams using MDF (Medium Density Fibre) timber strips and boards, glue and cotton strings to design and fabricate models of earthquake-resistant buildings.

the day of competition, models will be tested on a 2-Dimensional Earthquake Simulator to determine the winners according to the technical specifications and competition rules.

On 24th July 2013, NUSHS students received the 3rd prize from the Director, School of Architecture & the Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic.

The team members are:

• KOH JIN MING                                          M13304

• JOY ANG JING ZHI                                   M13304

• PANG WAN RION, MARION                   M13306

• TAN PINXI                                                  M13301

SP Prize Presentation on 24 Jul 2013.jpg