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Moot Parliament Programme (MPP) Grand Finals

The Moot Parliament Programme (MPP) is organised by the Gifted Education (GE) Branch, Ministry of Education (MOE).  It was first piloted in 2003 as an enrichment programme for S3 students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), and subsequently became a full-fledged Special Programme in 2005.  The MPP depends on legal professionals volunteering as expert-mentors who guide the students or as evaluators who assess the students’ proposals and final products.  Since 2008, the MPP has the support of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Pro-Bono Group, with the undergraduates serving as student-mentors.

Our Results:

Team 1

Sirinithi M13303

Sonia Esaki M13306

Ng Ri Chi M13307

Matthew Chia M13301

Victor Huang M13301

Team 2

Samuel Chew M13301

Lee Yue Xin M13301

Sneha M13302

Winsen Alfian M13304

Ho Pin Xian M13305

Team 3

Joy Ang M13304

Koh Jin Ming M13304

Lim Pei Ying M13305

Marion Pang M13306

Farhan Ishraq M13307

All 3 made it to the Tier 2 of the competition. Team 3 won the Best Written Bill and won the Best Bill Challenge Shield (first time for NUSH). Ng Ri Chi also won Best Backbencher Speaker, the first time the award has been given out.