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Creative and Heuristic Applications of Science (CHAOS) 2013


CHAOS is a science competition co-organised by the Gifted Education Branch and the Faculty of Science (National University of Singapore). 

CHAOS 2013 is open to all lower secondary students from all Secondary and Integrated Programme Schools This competition provides the opportunity for students to work on challenging open-ended science problems. The nature of the problems set will require students to engage in high-intensity research work, utilise higher-order thinking and critical analysis, and employ creative thinking in the development of their solutions.

This year, NUS High School Team 1 clinched Champion and Best Presentation Award, while Team 2 emerged as 2nd runner up.  This represents an unprecedented level of achievement for NUS High School in this competition.


Team 1 consists of the following students:

Aditi Saayujya (M13201)

Belle Sow Miaoer (Belle Su Miaoer) (M13202)

Huang Feiyang (M13202)

Felicia Tai Ying Fei (M13202)

Team 2 was awarded 2nd runner up and comprises the following students:

Choo Yi Kai (M13201)

Lam Tze King (M13205)

Ng Chen Lin (M13204)