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WEMUN Expo 2012

WEMUN Expo 2012 in Beijing was hosted by WEMUNC and co-hosted by ten other prestigious world-class Model UN Conferences.  These partners included Boston University, University of California Berkeley, Harvard University, and Yale University.  More than one thousand international delegates engaged in intellectual debates on selected global issues. 
This was the fourth time NUS High School participated in this annual event, and we have kept up with the standards set by last year’s representatives. 

Our Results:
MG Student Name Award
M12504 CLARA YEO ZHE XUAN Best Delegate
M12509 KIM JI HYUN Best Delegate
M12501 NIKHIL KARTHIKEYAN Outstanding Delegate
M12502 CHIA ZHI YANG Best Position Paper
M12502 ISAAC NG YI MING Best Position Paper
M12503 RUSSELL MARINO SOH Honourable Mention
M12508 CANDICE ANG KE EN Verbal Communication

NUS High School was awarded the Outstanding Small Delegation Award.
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