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Singapore Physics Olympiad 2012

The Singapore Physics Olympiad (SPhO) is a nation-wide competition for JC students, organised by the Institute of Physics Singapore. This also serves as a selection for Asian Physics Olympiad as well as International Physics Olympiad.

There were two rounds, namely 20 Oct 2012 (Theory Round) and 29 Nov 2012 (Practical Round).

For this competition, a total of 18 NUS High students participated in the SPhO 2012, and they have done the school proud by securing 3 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals, and 7 Honourable Mentions.

Gold medalists:

Lim Jeck (M13606)

Tan Wei Liang Byorn (M13609)

Wang Fan, Francis (M13504)

Silver medalists:

Jonathan Ang Yun Hao (M13608)

Sean Seet Xiang En (M13608)

Dousabel Tay May Yi (M13507)

Qu Xinyi (M13507)

Bronze medalists:

Tian Junfu (M13608)

Ha Quang Trung (M13508)

Honourable Mentions:

Bryan Wong Wei Heng (M13609)

Cheong Tien Yang, Clarence (M13606)

Kendrick Wong Wei Xiang (M13606)

Tan Jun Qi (M13608)

Tan Zhi-En (M13608)

Yos Yohannes Hausjah (M13608)

Muhammad Haikal (WD)

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