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Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2012 (SJChO)

The Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad or SJChO in short, is an annual competition organized by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, Raffles Institution and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, supported by the Ministry of Education. This year, we also have the kind sponsorship of A*Star Graduate Academy to support the event.
SJChO provides a platform for all upper secondary students to challenge themselves in their chemical knowledge and skills. It also seeks to promote the excitement in learning and doing Chemistry as well as to identify and develop chemistry talents. This year, which is the third time SJChO is organized, over  2400 students from almost 50 secondary schools took part in the competition.
Each participant sat for a two-hour theory paper with 50 higher-order and application-based Chemistry questions set by a panel of researchers, scientists and teachers. The top 20% were selected for a three-hour practical round where their skills were further tested.
The theory and practical rounds took place on 21st April 2012 and 30th June 2012 respectively.
Our Results:
  • 22 Gold, 28 Silver, 36 Bronze (see attached awardees list)
  • Ng Yu Hao, Victor (M12403) – Overall 5th
  • Muhammad Haikal Bin Abdullah Zain (M12406) – Overall 1st in Theory Round
  • Top School Award – Band 1