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Physics Enrichment Camp 2012

The Physics Enrichment Camp 2012 took place between 31 May to 5 June 2012.

During the Camp, the NUS Physics Department has always strived to give participants a wonderful learning experience. Lectures are limited to two so as to allocate more time for students to participate in hands-on activities.  These activities were carefully selected and designed to provide students the opportunities to learn Physics through experimentations.  Their enthusiasm, as documented by the feedback mechanism, was a testimony of how students from previous camps have thoroughly enjoyed these activities. 

In this year there is a new competition, namely the Photo Competition, which your students’ creativity can contribute to the fun and learning of physics, and the rules can be found in the website below.  As of past camps, there will be the Quiz. It will be based on, but not restricted to, the experiments and lectures.

Our Results:

Date: 31 May to 1 June
Title of Competition: Physics Video Competition
Participants: Uriel Tan Hong Jie (301) and Joshua Lim Yong Kiat (303) Winner (Champion) (won $100 Popular Voucher)

Date: 4-5 June
Title of competition: Quiz 2012
Prize: 2nd runner up Certificate
  1. Tiew Hoe Hao Ryan
  2. Matthew Zachary Yeo Cheng Long
  3. Uriel Tan Hong Jie
  4. Soh Yi Ethan
  5. Sonali Dey
  6. Lim Seok Hwan
  7. Joshua Lim Yong Kiat
  8. Goh Zhen Yu Zenry