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Parliament Programme (MPP)

Moot Parliament Programme (MPP)

The Moot Parliament Programme (or MPP for short) is organised by the MOE Gifted Education Branch for selected Year Three students.  Over a period of 8 months, students participated, identified and researched on national issues, drafted legislation to address those issues, and did a role-play on active leadership in a moot parliament setting.

This is the first time NUS High School has managed to clinch the Challenge Shield in this tournament.

NUS High School sent two teams for this tournament. This is the first time NUS High School has both teams reaching the final round of the tournament.

Team 1 consisted of

·         Goh Xin Rong from M12302 (Team Leader)

·         Aishwarya Alasiam from M12303

·         Huang Li Jun from M12306

·         Garett Tok Ern Liang from M12306

·         Lisa Koh from M12307

·         Beverley Tan Shu Wen from M12307

Team 1 won the Challenge Shield (Overall Champions) and Best Opposition Team. At the same time, Beverley Tan Shu Wen (M12307) also clinched the Best Speaker of the Tournament Award. 


Team 2 consisted of

·         Team Leader Lim Jing Rong from M12305

·         Clara Larvanya Apollos from M12302

·         Victoria Tay Shi Ying from M12305

·         Jasmine Teo Xin Jia from M12306

·         Kee Jing Yee from M12306

·         Lee Hee Jun from M12307

More information could be found on this website: www.gebsp.moe.gov.sg/MPP/index.htm