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National Earthquake Competition

Singapore Polytechnic's School of Architecture & the Built Environment organised the 4th National Earthquake Competition 2012 for all upper secondary school students in Singapore. The competition aims to generate students’ interests in the design of earthquake-resistant buildings and earthquake disaster mitigation. It involves student teams using MDF (Medium Density Fibre) timber strips and boards, glue and cotton strings to design and fabricate models of earthquake-resistant buildings. On the day of competition, models were tested on a 2-Dimensional Earthquake Simulator to determine the winners according to the technical specifications and competition rules.  More details can be found at: www.sp.edu.sg
The event took place on 22 March 2012.

Our results:

9th position (Merit Award)

Alena Soo Ai Lin - M12403
Chen Lin - M12405
Kom Xing Jing - M12405
Dawn Oh Rui Ni - M12405

Figure 1 shows NUS teams’ models, while Figure 2 shows some members of NUS High School teams preparing their models for testing.

NUS High School teams preparing their models during the competition

NUS High School models before the competition