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Achievement for English

1) Super Zone Schools Scrabble Competition

Several scrabble enthusiasts have won in competitions. One team made up of Ng Hao Ming,  Daniel Low, and of Derek Leeof M12203  won 1st place in the West Zone. The Super Zone Schools Scrabble competition is organised by national scrabble association TSA Ritsa for 3-player teams and the event took place on 4 August 2012. The team played 3 Rounds in the West school zone.  In each of the Rounds, the winning team is determined based on the number of wins it chalks up, followed by total team spread. 

2) The Inter School National Scrabble Championship (ISNSC)

Inter School National Scrabble Championship (ISNSC) is an annual competition sponsored by Mattel and organized by the Schools Scrabble Club as well as annually chosen host schools. The ISNSC's purpose is to gather primary and secondary students from across Singapore to enjoy competitive scrabble. This competition took place in July 2012. Prithvi Raj of class M12104 won Second Place (Silver Medal) in the Individual Category of the ISNSC.

3) Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Challenge

A team from NUS High fought valiantly through three tiebreaking sets and placed second at the Raffles Economics and Current

Affairs Challenge last Saturday. The annual Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Challenge is a competition organized By the Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society of Raffles Institution for Junior College students.

The objectives Of the challenge are as follows:

  1. To Stimulate interest in domestic, regional And international affairs
  2. To emphasise The importance of knowledge application
  3. To encourage an exchange of ideas amongst students.

NUS High has placed first or second in the Raffles Challenge in three of the past four years. The team that won 2nd place this year consisted of Jonathan Lau of M12506, Lim Yi Herh, Ansel of M12508, Lau Yu Han of M12504, and Tan Yong How Jonathan of M12509. One of our student participants, Zhu Yu Jia of M12609, was also the second best individual participant (his second year to be among the top five). In third place was the team of Zhu Yujia, Hsu Hao Chun of M12608, Krystal Lim Geok Eng of M12602, and Lee Huiwen of M12603. The other top winning teams were from Temasek Junior College and ACSI.

4) Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge (USIC) 2012

Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge (USIC) is a national science competition which focuses on participants’ intellectual curiosity and creativity in applying scientific principles to develop innovative solutions for various challenges. The event took place on 3 August 2012.

The key objectives of this competition are to

  • provide a platform that develops and strengthen students’ interest in science
  • promote scientific innovation through the application of design strategies
  • encourage the use of creativity and innovative methods in problem solving

Our Results:
Ashwin Venkatakrishnan of M1203, Sahad Zahir of M12201, Wei Ye of M12202 and Park Sang Jun M12202 won “The Most Innovative Project” award.