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35th Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival, Science Fair

Introduced in 1978, the Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival (SSYSF) has become an integral part of the local school calendar with over 100,000 students and educators participating in the event annually. SSYSF is jointly organised by the Science teachers Association of Singapore, Science Centre Singapore and Shell Companies in Singapore. The main highlight of the SSYSF is the Science Fair.

This year, the science fair was for secondary and Pre-University Students and took place on 22 May 2012. The theme for this year’s festival and fair was “Achieving Sustainable Energy for All”. The SSYSF is a platform for students to showcase their innovative scientific investigations in five exciting categories of Engineering Science, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Environment and New Endeavors. The intent is to fuel a growing desire for scientific inquiry and investigations amongst youths.

Some 198 projects were submitted for this year’s Shell Science Fair, of these 108 were shortlisted and displayed at the Science Centre Singapore. NUS High School is proud to say that of our ten teams, four made it through to the final stages of the Shell Science Fair. All four teams have done our school proud by receiving Two Gold Awards, One Silver Award, One Bronze Award and the Most Enterprising Award in the Pre-University section. This strong showing by our students resulted in NUS High School being awarded the Challenge Trophy in the Pre-U Section (Best Institution Award).

Our Results:

  • 607 (H0710025) Dillen Ng, 604 (H0710115) Lim Jia Min and 604 (H0710143) Wong Kai Lin Sharmaine received the Gold Award for their research project entitled “Tolerance of Marine Copepods to Changing Salinity: Implications for Singapore’s Freshwater Management”
  • 607 (H0710123) Ong Jie Siong Nicholas and 604 (H0710098) Cheng Shi Hui received the Gold Award for their project entitled “Analysis of Expression Levels of WRKY7, WRKY8 and ACC Oxidase Genes through Real-time PCR During Cross Protection between Two Tobamoviruses in Nicotiana benthamiana”
  • 605 (H0710029) Hnin Darle Lin and 601 (H0710028) He Jun Rui received the Silver Award for their project entitled “Assessing the Effects of Enriched Environment on Visual Acuity in Yellow-Fluorescent Protein Labelled Transgenic Mice”
  • 609 (H0710068) Sourav Dey, 602 (H0710057) Ong Siong Gim and 601 (H0710070) Suresh Kumar Vivek Kalyan received the Bronze Award and the Most Enterprising Award for their project entitled “Developing armor based on telson of mantis shrimp in order to enhance its ballistic properties via computational analysis and physical experimentation”.