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24th Singapore Chemistry Olympiad

The SChO is jointly organised by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC), Chemistry Department of National University of Singapore and the Ministry of Education. The competition is open to JC 1 students. It consists of a theory test and a practical test, each of approximately 4-5 hours, taken over two days.

The aims of the competition are:

-  To identify a pool of students who are talented in the Chemistry discipline for training for eventual selection of a national team to represent Singapore in the International Chemistry Olypiad (IChO)

-  To promote an interest in Chemistry

-  To provide an opportunity for academically inclined Chemistry JC students to pit their knowledge in Chemistry and spar against each other


Top Student: Chua Anlong (M13607)

Gold Medallists:

Chua Anlong (M13607)

Tian Junfu (M13608)
Yuan Wenyi (M13

Tann Li Lin Nicole (M13605)

Ke Meicong (M13608)
Tan Zhi-En (M13608)

Silver Medallists:

Tan Wei Liang Byorn (M13609)

Pham Thi Thanh Dung (M13608)

Low Zhen Jie (M13604)

Le Duy Anh (M13608)
Chau Van Sang (M13607)

Park Young Joo (M13608)

Chen Zheyuan (M13607)

Bronze Medallists:

Ong Hong Jing (M13608)
Zhou Jingqi (M13607)

Lim Xin Ai (M13607)


Tan Chee Hwee Lowell (M13604)

Le Nguyet Anh (M13605)