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NCC Annual Shooting Competition 2011

The NCC annual Shooting Competition is a competition organised by HQ NCC for the cadets and officers of the NCC.

The objective of the competition is to promote competitive shooting skills among NCC Cadets, to foster the spirit of competitiveness and generate interest to attain higher excellence in musketry skills.

The competition was held in Nee Soon Camp IMT/Range from 15 to 23 November 2011.There are 169 school units competing in every event. 

This year our school unit sent 3 teams of 4 shooters each to participate in the competition:

1. Year one cadets participated in Event 1: IMT shoot.
2. Year two cadets participated in Event 2: IMT shoot.
3. Year three cadets participated in Event 3: 100m Individual & Team live range.

There are a total of 5 team prizes and 10 individual prizes given to each event.
Johua Sia Ji Kui (M11303) participated in Event 3 and did our school unit proud by emerging an individual 9th position from more than 600 competitors.