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NUS High Track Team comes in First in RP-OBS Adventure Race

Avontuur R.O.A.R is Republic Polytechnic and Outward Bound Singapore inaugural adventure race took place on 10 Dec 2011.It aims to increase the awareness on adventure and what it is all about through series of various disciplines that will test the participants both in brains and brawl. A total of 39 teams participated.
Team NUSH (NUS High) participated in the Inter-Tertiary Mixed category and pitted with formidable teams from other polytechnics and institutions. The race saw the teams navigating through the wild terrain of Pulau Ubin through various means, including running, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking and abseiling down a cliff. Total distance covered was 30km and Team NUSH came in 1st in the Inter-Tertiary Mixed Open category with a time of 5hrs 23 min.
This is the 1st time the Track team has come in 1st for a sporting event, considering that it is also the 1st time we participated in an adventure race. We are really proud that NUS High students can really hold their own in the sporting scene.
For 1st Inter-Tertiary Mixed Open Category, our winners are:

  1. Genevieve A. Kieseker (Student)
  2. Ng Zhi Sheng (Student)
  3. Mr Fan Kai Ming (Teacher)