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Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award 2011

Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award seeks to stimulate creativity among the young generation and to promote scientific and technological research in Singapore.   This year, three students have done the school proud by winning the commendation award under the student section for their invention entitled “Tap Water Flow Reducer.”  The students are Eliot Lim (M11305), Yu Shiyang (M11307) and Ou Yang Chung Liang (M11303).
The “Tap Water Flow Reducer” is a pressure-operated valve, designed to be attached to a faucet, to reduce water consumption. The valve constricts water flow when the tap is fully opened, thereby reducing the rate of flow.  The outer housing also acts as a valve override; twisting it opens the valve, so that maximal flow rate can be achieved.  In this way, the required volume of water can be obtained in the shortest time possible. 


NUS High School students' poster at the exhibition in Science Centre


Scale-up components (white) of the Tap Water Flow Reducer, and the actual size prototype (blue).