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National Software Competition (NSC) 2011

The National Software Competition (NSC) is an annual premier IT competition organised for secondary students in Singapore. This is part of the National Infocomm Competition organised by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).
Two teams from NUS High School took part in the NSC this year and both clinched an award in their respective events.

Algorithm Team Event Integrated Programme School Category – 2nd Chua An Long M11407
Dee Pei Fang M11305
Lee Yi Min M11307
IT Quiz Event 3rd Ang Zhi Yuan M11407
Joe Chua Jia Liang M11301
Ho Han Kit Ivan M11304


NUS High Algorithm Team From left: An Long, Pei Fang and Yi Min

NUS High IT Quiz Team From left: Joe Chua, Ivan Ho and Zhi Yuan