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NUSHS does well in local and overseas computing competitions

Australian Informatics Olympiad 2010

A group of our students took part in the Australian Informatics Olympiad 2010. They did well in the competition, winning a total of 2 golds, 3 silvers and 6 bronzes.

Senior Category Le Minh Tu Gold
Lim Gan Shun Bronze
Intermediate Category Ananya Kumar Gold
Chua Anlong Silver
Lim Jeck Silver
Shen Yichen Silver
Claire Cheong U-Er Bronze
John Alex Philipose Bronze
Lim Xin Ai Bronze
Nguyen Duc Thien Bronze
Tan Wei Liang Byorn Bronze

National Software Competition (NSC)

The NSC is an annual premier IT competition organised for students from secondary schools, junior colleges and international schools in Singapore.
Three teams from NUS High School took part in the competition this year and did very well in the competition, clinching an award in each event.

Algorithm Team Event Secondary Category 1st Runner Up Ang Yan Sheng
Chua Anlong
Shen Yichen
Algorithm Team Event JC Category Merit Award Le Minh Tu
Li Xuanji
Lim Gan Shun
IT Quiz Event Secondary Category Merit Award John Alex Philipose
Nguyen Duc Thien
Tan Wei Liang Byorn

HPC Quest

HPC Quest is a competition that reaches out to JC and IP students by providing them with a conducive platform to gain a deeper understanding of high performance computing. Each team had to pick one of two quests that involved the application of high performance computing concepts and techniques to devise working solutions to real world problems.
One of our teams did well and clinched the Silver Award.

Quest 2 - DNA Sequence Search using MapReduce in the Cloud Ananya Kumar
Satya Prateek Tangirala
Tan Wei Liang Byorn