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NUS High School strikes Gold in SMPF 2010

NUS High School improved on last year’s performance in the Singapore Mathematics Project Festival. We obtained 2 Gold awards in the Senior section, as well as a Bronze award and an Honourable Mention in the Junior section. Our school was the only one that achieved Gold awards in this research competition.
For the Senior section, Cheng Herng Yi (M10508) continued his amazing explorations in origami by producing another Gold Award project titled “A General Method of Drawing Biplanar Crease Patterns”. In this project, he extended on his winning entry last year, generalizing the techniques involved into more generic 3D figures. His project also won the Foo Kean Pew Memorial Prize, which is awarded to the top Gold Award project.
Our other Gold Award came from a group of students: Ang Yong Qin (507), You Guang Yi Rion (502) and Tan Shoun (502). Their project titled “Uniquely List Colouring of K6 Bipartite Graph” provided the missing link to solve an open problem in Graph Theory.
In the Junior section, Tan Jun Qi (M10306) obtained a Bronze award for “Generating Tessellations”. Her creative project showcased the possibility of tessellating a 2D surface with organic shapes (e.g. animals) instead of regular polygons. This allows for beautiful products of art to be drawn with much ease.
The team comprising of Justin Ng (M10308), Joshua Chew (M10303) and Kelvin Kang (M10302) obtained an honourable mention for their investigation into the mathematics behind the “Game of Sprouts”.
We hope our continuous and sustained achievements in this competition would spur more students to raise their level of mathematical research to greater heights!