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Beyond the Classroom

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Chemistry Interest Group, a.k.a CAtAIYZr, aims to gather like-minded students and increase interest and passion in Physics, both inside and outside of the school community. Students join on a voluntary basis and are given platforms to pursue their passion through leading workshops for their peers and public, and organising learning journeys for enrichment beyond the formal curriculum.

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Participating in External Challenges such as the Crystal Growing Challenge and the NYP-Swenson's Ice Cream Competition provide platforms for our students to appreciate the applications of chemistry and interact with other like-minded youth with similar passions.

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Overseas Academic Programmes are organised to expose our students to deeper learning where the fields of expertise cannot be found locally. The school partners with Xlab in Germany for trips that enable the students to have a foretaste of research at the frontiers of science.

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Distinguished speakers and Guest Lecturers frequent our school to share their passion and life experiences with our students. We have been graced by a few Chemistry Nobel Laureates!