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Parents Engagement Group

Our Parents, Our Family at NUS High
Parents Engagement Group

Our Parents Engagement Group welcomes your family to our NUS High Family and into our 2020 school year.

In NUS High School, we believe that parents’ partnership and parents’ engagement are integral to the positive growth of our students’ well-being and development in their adolescent years and high school years. Our PACE Framework encourages our parents to be a Participating family member, giving time to what matters to your child and be part of their formative years, Achieving alongside and at various milestones of your child’s high school years, Contributing by connecting and collaborating with our school at various platforms and Equipping our parents with key school information and relevant parenting skills to build and strengthen the parent-child conversation and parent-child relationship.





·         Character Development and Positive Well-being

·         Academic Progress

·         School Activities and School Events



·         Awards and Scholarships Talks

·         Preparation for Universities

·         Pathfinding and Career Aspirations

·         Research and Mentorship

·         Internship Experiences

·         Industrial Visits and Learning Journeys

·         Outreach to Primary Schools and NUSH Open House

·         Key School Talks

·         Parents-Teacher Meeting

·         Parenting Workshops

·         Learning Journeys

  • In P (Participating), there are school activities, events and talks during your child’s high school years where we invite and encourage our parents to give time and participate alongside your child’s journey and growth. Be there to feel for them, walk with them, cheer for them, laugh with them and celebrate with them. · 
  • In A (Achieving), it is about a nurturing and supportive environment where your child can develop to reach their fullest potential. By knowing what they are embarking on, what their challenges are, their high school experiences, and showing care and interest in what they put their heart and soul into, we encouraged our parents to stay informed on these key school information and available opportunities.
  • In C (Contributing), we hope our parents can connect and collaborate with our school to avail NUS High students the platforms and opportunities to hear and learn from experts and individuals of their field, in the area of Research and Mentorship, Career Experiences, Internship Experiences, Industrial Visits and as parent ambassadors for our school to children and parents interested in our NUS High Family. 
  • In E (Equipping), we believe in the importance of building and strengthening the parent-child conversation and parent-child relationship, especially as they enter into their puberty years, grasping to know more about themselves, their peers and the opposite gender. We invite and encourage our parents to attend parenting workshops conducted in-house by our counsellors or relevant external workshops. The richness in these workshops is providing perspectives to challenges, meeting and connecting with other parents of the same cohort or parents who have grown with the school.  

For 2020, there are activities and events in the pipeline for our NUS High Family and we hope you can be part of. We invite and encourage you to journey with our NUS High Family and your child’s high school experiences.

You may fill in the following form .For any queries, you may also write in to Ms Philomena Loh.

We look forward to seeing you at our various parents’ engagement events.   

Do continue to stay connected with us via our school Facebook, located on our school website or at www.facebook.com/NUSHighSchool, as well as through our Parents Engagement Group via emails sent in the year on events or workshops you can be part of.

Kindly note for some of the activities organised, it will be subject to having sufficient number of interested parents and availability of resources. Thank you for your kind understanding.