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National Education Ambassadors

National Education Ambassadors

The National Education Ambassadors (or NEAs) are students with a keen awareness of their roles as participatory youths in Singapore. They are student leaders who want to promote citizenship values in the school and are role models of youth citizens in Singapore. They are youths who are keen to develop their network in the Singaporean community, both in and out of school. As such, these students are the fore-runners in the student-initiated NE efforts.

Engagement with Community Partners

  • Support Southwest Community Development Council events and competitions for students
  • Self directed Community Involvement Program (CIP) activity for every student through their CCA bodies
  • Engage 1 other community services organisation every year.

Engagement with other schools (local & international)
To allow and facilitate national cohesion at the interschool level, we also aim to maintain various inter-school interaction platforms through:

  • Organising Singapore International Mathematics Challenge biannually
  • Organising selected Math and Science national competitions for primary schools
  • EINSTEIN Club outreach to gifted math and science primary pupils
  • Interschool friendly sport game matches for Badminton, Basketball, Netball and Soccer CCAs
  • Sending our students to various national and international math, science, sports, language, humanities, art, environmental and music events, programs and competitions