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Table Tennis

The NUS High School Table Tennis CCA started with its humble beginnings. Ten years on, we have built a steady membership base, participated in the National Inter-school Championships yearly and have established good relations with many schools.

In 2013, our C Division Boys fought on to clinch the 4th position in the West Zone. It would be hard to imagine at a certain point, we were struggling with a declining membership and some members lost their interest in the sport. We have come this far.

The team trains regularly on Mondays and Fridays. Though each training session lasts about two hours, it is a fulfilling one that works every element of skills, fitness and reflexes. From time to time, we play friendly matches with our neighbouring schools which over the years, we have built a strong friendship with.

This year, the entire team has shown further improvement under the guidance of our two new coaches. So will you join us?

Photo: NUS High School Table Tennis Team 2015
Team 2105.jpg

Photo: NUS High School Table Tennis C Division Boys 2013