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1. Do we need to give details of participants' particulars when registration is made?
Yes. Schools must upload a list of participants' particulars using the template given in the NMO∑ portal. Schools have the flexibility until the Preliminary Round to amend the list of participants.
2. Is NMO∑ related to Direct School Admissions?
No. It is not related to the Direct School Admissions Exercise. However, participants who show outstanding performance will be noted.
3. Is there an age limit?
As long as participants are enrolled in primary schools, age is not a criterion.
4. Can we hold the Preliminary round one day earlier or later?
No. This is to ensure fairness to all participants.
5. Can participants register as individuals if their primary schools don't take part, or the school did not select them to participate?
No. Participants can only register via their schools. Please approach the school mathematics department for registration.
6. When will results be released for the preliminary round and how will it be made known?
The list of participants who qualify for the special round will be released within 10 working days at the end of the Preliminary Round. This will be made known to the schools, and posted on the NMO∑ website. Enquiries over the phone regarding results will not be entertained NMO∑.
7. Are there samples of past year NMO∑ questions? How can I get them?
Yes. You may purchase the NMO∑ Solution Book from
NUS Co-op @ Central Forum
12 Kent Ridge Crescent
Central Library Building
Singapore 119275.