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About SIMC


Due to COVID-19, many countries have imposed strict travel restrictions, and, we have regretfully informed of the cancellation of the 7th biennial Singapore International Mathematics Challenge (SIMC) that should have taken place earlier in May 2020.

This year SIMC will be going online. Students can solve the problems in the safe environment of their schools or homes.

The online SIMC is co-organised by the NUS High School of Mathematics & Science (NUS High School), together with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, and will take place from 13 to 20 November 2020. NUS High School takes pleasure in inviting a team of three students from your school to participate in this event.

SIMC is a biennial international mathematics event that provided a platform to fuel students’ interest in mathematics and spur them to greater heights. The event brought together bright mathematics students from around the world who pitted their skills against one other in a rigorous competition where they demonstrated their creativity and problem solving skills through a mathematical modelling challenge. A total of 50 schools from 31 countries/regions participated in SIMC 2018. With the SIMC moving online, we are inviting students from all Singapore secondary schools, Junior Colleges (JC) and Integrated Programme (IP) schools to take part in the Challenge together with our overseas participating schools.

The Chief Setter for the SIMC 2020 will be Professor Imre Bennett Leader from Trinity College, Cambridge University. He will be conducting an online workshop for the students on the day of Challenge release.

The Challenge will be released on 13 November 2020. Students will be given 1 week to work on the questions before submitting a 10-minute video which documents the team's solutions