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2015 Nobel Science Camp


NUS High School welcomes students to our Nobel Science Camp 2015, a four day programme at NUS High School where students will get the opportunity to conduct important Nobel prize-winning experiments across all three sciences. This year, students will not only be able to conduct experiments from the individual sciences but also exciting practicals that incorporate multiple disciplines. Students will also be able to see how different sciences can overlap, enhance and complement each other in our interdisciplinary science practicals.

The topics for the subject-specific experiments and interdisciplinary practicals are shown below:

Subject-specific experiments

Physics Chemistry Biology
Cloud Chamber Adsorption Isotherm RNAi
Electron Microscopy (SEM) Chromatography

Interdisciplinary practicals

Title of experiments
Synthesis of aspirin


All students will be able to attend and carry out all the interdisciplinary practicals. For the subject-specific experiments, students will have to choose the experiments from one science and attend both experiments conducted for that particular science during the camp.

These experiments and practicals have been carefully selected to help students gain a clearer insight to topics within the national science curriculum in ‘O’ and ‘A’ le vels. They will also learn the stories behind the Nobel prize-winning scientists as well as their exciting journeys towards their discoveries.

As part of the programme, students will also participate in special lectures and field trips to see physics in action in both industry and academia. Through interaction with peers from different schools, they will be able to form new friendships and networks to pursue their common interest in science.

Keynote Guest Lecturer

This year, we are privileged to have Dr. Barbara Ritter from the Department of Biology at XLAB, a world-famous teaching laboratory for high school and university students based in University of Göttingen, Germany.

Dr. Ritter specialises in neurophysiology and has much experience lecturing on neurophysiology and chemistry at XLAB. Students and teachers will be able to attend her lecture and experimental workshop and experience how Dr. Ritter is able to link neurophysiology with chemistry in her work.

Camp Details

Date : 23 rd to 26 th November 2015 (non-residential camp)
Location : NUS High School (20 Clementi Avenue 1, S129957)
Open to : All JC students and IP year 4 to 6 students
Fees : Free of charge


All science teachers are welcome to nominate outstanding students in your school to participate in the Camp. Schools are advised to submit no more than five nominations (ranked in order). Due to limited places and resources, all schools are encouraged to register early. The confirmed registrations from each school may be adjusted accordingly if the response is overwhelming. Schools may submit nominations using the following application form, and send it to davinci@highsch.nus.edu.sg . Early registration will close on 31 st August 2015 .

In the registration form, students will be required to rank the subject-specific experiments in order of their preference, as shown in the example below. If the student prefers Chemistry, Physics and Biology in that order, please circle Chemistry under Rank 1, Physics under Rank 2 and Biology under Rank 3, as shown in the example below. We will do our best to assign students to their preferred subjects, depending on the signups for each subject.



For more information, you may contact us at davinci@highsch.nus.edu.sg .