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Showcase of Students’ Work

Singapore Mathematics Project Festival (SMPF)

The SMPF is an annual Mathematics competition organised by the Singapore Mathematical Society to recognise creative and innovative work in mathematics that is reflected in project work. In 2016, NUS High School won 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze and 4 Honourable Mention in total. They also won the Overall Challenge Shield, known as Foo Kean Pew Memorial Prize for both Senior and Junior Section for the second year in arrow.

Click the link below to read more about the project that won the top prize in the Junior Section, titled
“A Hexagon Cutting Problem and its Generalisations”.

Advanced Research Project

A research project which aimed to satisfy the graduation requirement saw the birth of Antihex. A brainchild of two of our alumni from the class of 2016, Jonathan Edward and Wong Chong Wen, the Antihex is a twisty puzzle that can be solved by turning its 12 individual layers. While having drawn their inspiration from the Rubik’s cube, the duo applied their own spin to it. Unlike the Rubik’s cube, the Antihex’s layers turn on their vertices instead of the faces. Shaped as a hexagonal antiprism, the Antihex is certain to intoxicate the puzzle lover. The Design and Engineering modules offered in the school allows NUS High students to learn how to use SolidWorks, a 3D design software, to build various complex structures. The Antihex was constructed using SolidWorks. After construction, the pieces of the puzzle were then 3D-printed before being assembled manually into its final shape.

Watch the video to see Jonathan solving the Antihex, and Chong Wen engaging in expert talk with their mentor, Mr Low Fook Hong from the school’s Math, Statistics and Computing Department, on the mechanics of solving the curved Antihex.