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A Showcase of Scientific Prowess

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Becoming a National Science Challenge champion takes months of training, military discipline and monk-like dedication. Few know this more than Loh Pei Yi, Yam Hong Meng, Qiu Xinzhi and Tan Kin Hern – the NUS High team which clinched the Champions Trophy after several years of near misses. Awash with feelings of happy exhaustion, the Team tells us more about their learning journey.

Q: How did your team prepare for the competition? Did you go through any special training? 

NUS High Team: A committed group of seniors and teachers trained us for this competition. We met 2-3 times each week; each session lasting 3-4 hours. Training for the NSC started in late May and we came back during the June and September break as well. Much time was spent preparing for our studio presentation, we also read widely on various topics to prepare for the "What's your hunch" segment and the Rapid Fire segment.

Q: What did you gain most from taking part in NSC 2017?

NUS High Team: NSC 2017 has provided us with an amazing opportunity not only to gain exposure to science and its applications, but also interact with several like-minded individuals who share a similar passion for science. There were several highlights but the one which was unforgettable was the once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the Institute of High Performance Computing and working on the challenge provided by the researchers.  Through the course of the challenges, we have picked up many insights on science outside of the scope of our curriculum, and strengthened essential soft skills such as adaptability, creativity and resourcefulness. 

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