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Singapore Mini Maker Faire Design Competition

The Singapore Mini Maker Faire Design Challenge is collaboration between Science Centre Singapore and Autodesk Singapore.  In this open challenge, participants are encouraged to submit their 3D designs under the theme of “Design What’s next!” 

One of the Engineering Interest Group members, Sudharshan (M14203), is the top winner at this year Mini Maker Faire Design Challenge.  His entry is a smart fridge designed using Autodesk Inventor.  The design comes with a Windows 8 like User Interface and an oven at the bottom left.  It also has an external temperature display which is automatically adjusted according to the user's preference.

The prize presentation was held at Senja Cashew Community club last Saturday (26th July).  The prize he won is 3 Day Inventor essentials training and professional certification worth S$1425. 

Mini Maker Faire 1.jpg

Mini Maker Faire 2.jpg