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Principal's Message

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I am delighted to welcome you to NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.

NUS High School is a school like no other in Singapore. Being the only independent school which specialises in the teaching of Math and Science, we aim to nurture well-rounded students with high aptitudes and passion in both disciplines. Since her founding in 2005, NUS High students have excelled in international Olympiads, pioneered new technologies and co-authored books and publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Research is one of the hallmarks of a 21st century education and we, at NUS High, have emphasized research as a foundation of learning. In the last ten years, we have moved a step closer to realise our vision of becoming a wellspring of inspiration for Math and Science education and research in Singapore. Apart from the Math and the Sciences, our rich broad-based curriculum, which also comprises the Humanities, Languages and the Arts, allows our students to tailor their learning to meet their needs and aspirations. 

At NUS High, we focus on developing the whole child. We see the breadth and depth of their achievements not only in academia but through the multitudes of other interests that they pursue. The wide range of CCAs that we offer aims to provide our students with opportunities to develop life-long interests and broaden their experiences. We value and understand our students’ unique personalities and seek to develop their character through our pastoral system so that they are socially and emotionally competent to embrace the challenges awaiting them after high school. We continue to fine-tune our programmes so that our students are availed of the best learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

As the next chapter unfolds, it promises to open new vistas for every student in NUS High. I am confident that the staff and teachers at NUS High will carry on with their efforts to nurture well-rounded and world-ready scientific minds to make distinguished contributions as Pioneers, Achievers, Thinkers & Humanitarians.

It is my hope that NUS High students endeavour to Experiment, Explore and Excel.

Mrs Lee Bee Yann